Semanta Has Been Acquired by Alteryx


Semanta was founded in 2008 by a young and enthusiastic R&D team who understood that being able to effectively utilize all information assets within an organization is critical to unlocking its vast potential, and successfully competing in today’s dynamic markets. Together, we created a product that not only made finding such assets easier, but also drove the formation of expert internal communities that encouraged sharing and collaboration around data.


I’m proud to announce that Semanta has been acquired by Alteryx, a well-respected leader in self-service data analytics. Our teams share a common vision for making data and analytics more accessible for all. Our unified platform will enable critical information to be found, and complicated problems to be solved, delivering a thrilling analytic experience for our users.


Thank you for your business, and for the trust you placed in Semanta. We’re excited for the journey ahead, and look forward to seeing you as Alteryx customers!


Tomas Barta

CEO, Semanta