Semanta is a market leader and visionary in the fields of Data Governance & Data Cataloguing solutions and methodologies.

Our DG tool, SEMANTA, is the ultimate suite for data governance professionals. It contains the right tools to fix any problem you might meet on the road to functional data governance. We want to address your real-life business needs and bring more efficiency and relief to your daily 'data' life with realisable steps and initiatives.

The key to achieving our goal of a Google-like data search and Linkedin-like data communities is to THINK BIG but start small. With us, you can start a data governance iniviative and have tangible results in just a few weeks.


Our Story

We are a young and enthusiastic R&D team who founded Semanta in a strong belief that: sharing, teamwork and open dialogue are the foundations of the so-called “New Enterprise”, and that the technology in the Enterprise should follow the standards we use in our private lives.

Our product is designed to move any company using it towards:

  • a culture of sharing and collaboration,

  • a knowledge culture,

  • expert communities,

  • a people-centric style for IT/IS.

We believe that our solution, with its methods and concepts, will unlock huge human potential within a company and through this, both individuals and the company as a whole will benefit.


Our Partners

Our strength and delivery capabilities go hand in hand witha readiness to cooperate with our partners. Semanta is fully committed to support our official partners in their missions.


Management team

Our leadership team brings together expertise across product, design, engineering, sales, and marketing from many different areas.


Tomáš Bárta

Co-Founder and Lead Designer of SEMANTA.

I am a co-founder of the company behind SEMANTA - the software platform that makes Data Governance simple. My passion is innovation. To bring fresh, disruptive and hopefully smart ideas into the "don't-rock-the-boat" business world.

I'm currently trying to resolve the puzzle of "how to make it easy to search for and access any piece of corporate information".

It fascinates me how remarkably different our experience searching for something on the internet is compared to the clumsy search excercise inside corporate firewalls.

Think of that, wouldn`t it be nice to have a smarter search engine in the corporate environment as well?


Peter Hora


Information has been dwarfed by technology for too long. I think there's a change coming and I'm working hard to make an information system that's for people and not robots.

Specialties: Information architecture, Metadata management, Data modeling


David Voňka

I graduated with a MSc in mathematics/statistics and BA in economics, worked for some time in mathematical modeling of the economy for the Czech and Dutch government and later attempted work in the academia as quantitative economist.


Martin Mrázek

Since 2015 I am COO at Semanta. I coordinate daily operation of the company and its key activities. Currently these are mainly management of the development of our new product called Semanta and supervision of projects. Before, since 2010 I focused on project management and software development in our small agile team.

I used to work as data-miner and statistical analyst, so I'm interested in analytical tools for collaborative platforms. During my study years I worked as a moderator in Czech Broadcasting (Radiožurnál).


Ondřej Čítek

Always interested in new trends. Now working in metadata and knowledge management area.

Specialties: metadata management, data dictionary, business dictionary, report catalogue

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