About this job

  • Join a small and elite team of global technical consultants who deploy our software to customers around the world.



  • Deploy, configure and secure a Java-based application in any technological jungle you might find yourself in.

  • Work with customers worldwide and push the limits of product innovation in cooperation with developers and partners.

  • Not to leave your seat until you see a smile on the user's face.



  • An excellent knowledge of at least one operating system and database engine.

  • A disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.

  • B.Sc. or higher in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience).



  • Previous exposure to enterprise software.

  • A willingness to work hard in a small team with global ambitions.

  • A desire to travel and work in a different culture.



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Self-assessment questions for a technical consultant

If you can answer the majority of the following questions or are able to google the right answers but would like to learn more without having to just search the web  - send us your CV.


OS *nix

  • How would you find all the java processes that are running in your favourite Unix/Linux distribution and close them?

  • How would you make a new script file executable?



  • How would you set the default character set in your favourite database engine?

  • How would you migrate the content of your favourite database from one environment to another?



  • How would you fix the error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space"?

  • How would you define a Tomcat data source to your favourite database?


Security basic

  • What would you need (access information and tool) to connect to an LDAP and list its structure?

  • What query would you use to find all users from an LDAP?


Security advanced

  • What do you need for a configuration of a web application to run over HTTPS?

  • What is the most common single sign on method for a Windows network?

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