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What are Semanta Safyr Connectors?

Semanta Safyr Connectors are a set of connectors which:

  • Provide you with a new and comprehensive level of understanding of the data models and structures which underpin your ERP or CRM packaged applications.
  • Enable you to drastically reduce the time and cost associated with finding and using detailed metadata information.

Why it's needed


Understanding the data in any corporate data source is a major metadata intelligence challenge. However the size and complexity of these systems from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others means that this challenge is virtually impossible to meet manually without a great deal of often scarce, specialist help and time.

Safyr is a unique metadata intelligence tool that helps to solve this problem by providing easy-to-access, comprehensive metadata in a form that is usable by all the technical & analyst teams across a company. This allows you to locate and understand the sophisticated data structures within your system, including any database customisations and extensions that you may have made.



Typical use cases


Full text search - search for a table either by name or description (e.g. show me "data package dimension"), or by table type (e.g. show me "fact table from SAP BW")


Application tree navigation - easy menu navigation: e.g. go to the Safyr home page -> choose SAP Program Tree –> choose A/C Accounting - General -> choose the Table XYZ


Displaying object details - the object detail page shows the objects' logical and physical names, descriptions, columns, parent-child relationships, and allows navigation via relationships


Displays an object's lineage from business terms and report definitions - Safyr objects can be linked with other Encyclopaedia objects such as business terms, report definitions or even a project's analytical pages, as well as many others.


Connect Up

a community around your SAP BW structures

Collaborate on, share and discuss data models, with the networking tools of the new century.


What does it look like?

Semanta is a place that points to, connects and organises all the information we use in a meaningful and sustainable way, unlocking its power and letting it flow and work for us.


more details...

Primarily about InfoCubes

  • physical - full representation of all tables that constitute a cube
  • logical - simplified view of a cube, virtual tables generated within Safyr repository

SAP BW apllication hierarchy

  • physical - for Physical Cube representation
  • logical - for Logical Cube representation

Specific table types for SAP BW

  • BW Fact (F) - Fact Table
  • BW Fact MP (F) - Fact Table for a MultiProvider
  • BW Dim (D) - Dimension Table
  • BW DIM MP (D) - Dimension Table for a MultiProvider
  • BW Charact.SID View (R) - A View table that acts as an intersection between a SID table and a Dimension
  • BW Charact. (S) - Characteristic SID table
  • BW Charact.Attr (P) - Table defining the attributes of a Characteristic
  • BW Charact.Attr (Q) - Table defining the attributes of a Time-dependent Characteristic
  • BW Charact.Attr (T) - Table defining the text attributes of a Characteristic
  • BW ODS (A) - An ODS table (Operational Data Store)
  • BW Logical Fact - A ‘virtual’ table that presents a Logical view of a Fact table
  • BW Logical Fact MP - A ‘virtual’ table that presents a Logical view of a MultiProvider Fact table
  • BW Logical Dim - A ‘virtual’ table that presents a Logical view of a Dimension table
  • BW Logical Dim MP - A ‘virtual’ table that presents a Logical view of a MultiProvider Dimension table
  • BW Logical Charact - A ‘virtual’ table that presents a Logical view of a Characteristic table


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