Reports are one of the key information assets of any organisation. It's probably the most common way of consuming structured information for the majority of people. The challenge of providing high-quality reporting to the company includes amongst other things - the capability to organise, catalogue and publish reports in a way that is understandable and accessible to anybody interested. The Report Catalogue makes the idea of any report being literally a few clicks away from anybody in the company, a reality in a smart and sustainable way.




Key features

Certain features of Semanta are common to all its modules - these include, search, navigation and social tools, and integration with other information assets. Report Catalogue, however, offers the following unique Key Features:

  • Business report documentation - "What is the report for?" - explained in the language of business.
  • Notification and distribution - features that allow the centralised and unified notification about, and distribution of, reports.
  • Governance support - ownership, subscription, life cycle support, dependencies.
  • Technical report documentation - source-target, report structure.
  • Report distribution - support for the central distribution of report updates.
  • Integration with operational metadata - data quality status.

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