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A Strategic Partner is fully capable of selling to, deploying to and supporting Semanta customers. They are expected to be up-to-date with Semanta products, their features and methodologies.



" Whatever you do, you will always need a smart idea and a good shop window. We strongly believe that KPMG and Semanta together will deliver both of these. "

--  David Slánský, Senior Manager, KPMG Česká Republika --


" If you want to govern, you first need to know what you are actually governing. We find Encyclopaedia beneficial and supportive in reaching this mission. It is a powerful tool that makes Data Governance tangible and improves our capability for end-to-end delivery. "
--  Zdeněk Křížek, Partner, Deloitte Czech Republic –

" Semanta is an innovative product, which perfectly fits into the concept of the "BI self care" and enables our clients to efficiently communicate and share information even beyond the BI boundaries. "

--- Tomáš Frnka, Delivery Directore, Billigence PTY ---

" Semanta came out with a simple set of ideas and principles which bring BI back to what it stands for - "Business" and "Intelligence". A simple and efficient platform, which is one generation ahead of the others."

--- Ondřej Stokláska, BICC Lead, Trask solutions a.s. ---


" Providing Information about Data with Semanta’s solution offers companies a pragmatic instrument to become more effective and cost efficient. It complements the data quality management capabilities that we offer to our customers. "

--- Edwin van der Heiden, Business Director at IntoDQ ---



A Standard Partner is able to (re)sell and distribute Semanta Products.