The goal of Order Book is to channel all BI requests into one place and link them to their relevant existing BI artifacts like terms, reports and tables. Clarifying the connections between requests and existing outputs means that both business users and analysts will find requests easy to organise and much, much easier to manage.


Fixing the problem

The first step to getting your ever increasing BI demand under control is to make it visible and channel it away from your company's mail boxes and phones to a single searchable place.

  • Simplify the forms used to log a new issue by using the minimum number of input fields required, and eliminate the communication barrier between business and technology.
  • Bring transparency to issue queues for all the people involved through a role specific dashboard (overview, my requests, my to-dos).
  • Capture and present the relationships between issues and BI artifacts for end-to-end traceability, from the initial requests to the final outputs.
  • Build up a knowledge base and keep it up-to-date. Describe the most commonly occurring issues in articles so end users can help themselves without needing to file a request.
  • Hide the complexity. Metadata is assigned automatically and the complex workflow always remains hidden from end users.
  • Introduce non-invasive Data Governance. The point when a request is made is the natural moment to identify data owners and stewards.

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