Release Notes Semanta v6

New Features


LDAP connector

The user-management in Semanta can be now integrated with the LDAP / AD of the customer. There are two levels of the LDAP integration - logins / passwords can be verified against the LDAP, but also the membership in the LDAP user-groups can be recognized. Folders in Semanta can then have permissions set for these LDAP user-groups. 


Confluence Importer (1st increment)

We prepared a simple importing tool to import content from Atlassian Confluence. Currently we can import static pages, recognize wiki links and transform them to Semanta links. Also attachments are imported. When pictures are used in rich-text we migrate this as well. Currently we support only a few Confluence macros (Layout) and plan to extend the set of supported macros according to wishes of our customers.



Workflow (2nd increment)

Notifications and permissions were introduced for each workflow state.

Nexus Profiles

Now a user can filter displayed relations in the Nexus based on their types. This helps a lot to get a diagram which shows only relationships you are interested in and does not overload the user by the information they do not need at certain point.

Partial Import

It is now possible to import a subtree of entries as a child of an entry directly from an entry page. Previsouly this was only possible from the admin console.


Report of inheritted permissions is now available in the Set permissions menu, so the user knows what permissions are inheritted from the parent objects.

More button in tables

We changed the behavior of tables - now there is a simple 'More' button instead of rather complicated pagination.

Images in Diagrams

The user can now upload and insert pictures into diagrams from a local disk.


Rich-text improvements and tuning

We tuned a few things in the rich-text editor and we added Undo / Redo buttons into it, which were strongly required by our users.


Added logging of user login events.


We did a lot of bugfixing in this release

  • Export / import has been bugfixed significantly (XML as well as the XLS export / import)
  • Issues related to the new table view have been fixed, mainly table filtering and sorting according to complex info fields
  • The standalone instance configuration features have been fixed
  • Several bugfixes in workflow have been fixed
  • Several bugfixes in ToDos and comments have been fixed