Release Notes Semanta v5

New Features


The first version of workflow in Semanta is here. We introduce a is simple, intuitive but powerful way of configuring the workflow through states and transitions - simply by creating pages and relations of specific types between them. Moreover, Groovy scripts can be added to each transition as pre- or post-functions, so there you can create even complex business logic in your workflows. The states of the workflow can also be changed automatically after a scheduled period of time.


Scheduling of jobs

Jobs can be now scheduled to run in specific time in the future. Repeated jobs can be scheduled as well.






New Table / Cards View

The implementation of all tables and cards have been completelly redesigned. The new implementation allows much wider palette of display options. Moreover to the existing table and cards view, new type have been added: small cards, text cards and flip-cards are now available. Also the table is prepared for the mobile view.

Restriction: untill release 6 we to removed filtering from the table view which needs a major overhaul



Labels / statuses that allow you to display the current statuses of data quality of your data, reports and much more. This way, business users immediately see whether the report is consistent, actual, timely etc.


Date field with a date-picker

Date fields with a date-picker are now available to be configured in Semanta apps.


Date-time formatting

Dates and times in Semanta can be now formatted into using SQL like notations.

There is a configuration option in the global configuration file such as the one below.

    <global-date-format>EEE, MMM d, yy</global-date-format>

    <global-date-time-format>MM/dd HH:mm</global-date-time-format>



More info about available time formats - 

More info about available language codes -



Localization: we carried on working on preparation of the platform for translation to other languages. The platform is currently only in English. However, the texts are not hard-coded into the platform anymore and translations can come in future releases. 


Export / import improvements

Tasks, comments and permissions can be now exported & imported. 



We made fixes of 109 defects bug-reported by our users. These were mainly tasks related to visual tuning of attachments window behavior, AIR, ToDos and rich-text editor.