Semanta is no “Haarlemmerolie” ....... or is it?

Erik Schaap

DQ & DG specialist at IntoDQ


During the Practical Data Governance Workshop that we organised for twenty companies over two meetings, last week, guest speaker Tomas Barta of Semanta said that Semanta, his company's Data Governance product is not “Haarlemmerolie”.

Haarlemmerolie is a product that's been made in Haarlem since its invention there in the 17th century by a school master called Claes Tilly. The product is best known in the Netherlands by the phrase, "It works like Haarlemmerolie." - meaning "it can be used everywhere."  Seen like this Semanta is certainly no “Haarlemmerolie” or panacea.

However, if we look a little deeper into the origins of the product, it's possible to draw a different conclusion.

The manual of the "Medicamentum Gratia Probatum" as Haarlemmerolie is also known, shows that Claes Tilly developed Haarlemmerolie with a clear conviction. At that time, when body stones such as gallstones, bladder stones and kidney stones were some of the main ailments effecting mankind and medicine consisted of experiments whose failure was paid for with death, Claes Tilly thought: "If God gave man a problem, he would also provide a solution. "

He was looking for a home remedy for his family, based on products that had demonstrated they had healing power. After two years of experimentation, Claes Tilly developed a drug with an unlimited shelf-life that removed toxins from the body so that the body had a chance to heal itself. The developed agent proved effective for various ailments. You'd better have it at home.

If we project this onto Data Governance for an organisation, Semanta can still be seen as Haarlemmerolie. After all, Semanta helps organisations implement improvements (self-healing) in a sustainable manner (an unlimited shelf-life). Semanta developed out of several years of experience gained from working with different companies. It is even applicable for various ailments (use cases)!

You'd better have it at home.


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