How was the Data Governance Breakfast across Germany?

Dear data enthusiasts,

Semanta's event series continued with a DG breakfast across Germany - in Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Cologne.

The topic was straightforward - to share our insights and knowledge on how to make Data Governance SIMPLE.

We believe that every data governance journey should start with cataloguing your data. 

With Semanta, a state-of-the-art data cataloguing and data governance tool, you can get tangible results in matter of days.

This way you will actually put in place something that business users 'can touch' and start using from the day 1 of your DG initiatives.

In case you have missed the DG breakfast or could not sign up this time, we are always happy to do a webinar with you.

Just drop us a message and we will schedule a presentation of the key ideas with you and show you the product!