Release Notes v8

New Features

Calendar view

Entries containing dates can be now visualized in calendar view. Currently the monthly view is available (day / week will be tuned in next releases). Moreover, the entry can contain specification of colour which shoud appear in the calendar view. The calendar view also supports  enries that span over more than 1 day.


JDBC connector

Semanta embedded JDBC connector (it is introdcued for free) to its platform. When a connection to a JDBC source is configured the connector  loads the metadata from the JDBC source to the Data application (list of tablels, columns and indexes is loaded). 


Plain table with entry types

The plain table field type allows you to define with multiple rows. The columns can be defined as different field types. So you can e.g.

  • use relationship field type for suggestion of valid values from a list of tables
  • use datetime field to provide a date picker
  • use info field to calculate value based on other cells


  • in general when you need to describe the relationship
  • business rules applied on an entry in different  combination of contexts
  • description ETL mappings

XLS export from tables in folders

All tables which provide search results, e.g. tables showing entries in a folder, can be now exported to XLS. Moreover, the user can choose what fields should be exported as columns.



Embedded diff

The visualisation of difference between two historical versions of an entry has been tuned and embedded directly to page (not in overlay window anymore). It was also integrated with Time-machine UI.



Nexus modes were introduced. They allow users to browse relations in a way that is focused on a specific use-case. For example, users may want to concentrate on data lineage. That means that the user only wants to see relationships that describe lineage (and not for example those that describe ownership). 


Workflow with voting

Workflow voting was tuned and improved (What is workflow voting: for example you can require: "all specified people have to agree to transit further" or you can require "at least 3 people from the specified user group have to approve to transit further")


Better import / export

We completely rewrote the XML import / export. Now it is less prone to errors concerning complex content transfers and much faster.

Better performance for indexing

The speed of indexing into the Lucene full-text engine has been increased dramatically. This has a positive performance impact on all write/update operations in the system (saving entries or attachments, executing loads etc). The speed of full reindex has increased by an order of magnitude.



Printing: We bugfixed / tuned the layout for printing of entries in the Semanta system. 

Many other small bug-fixes.