London DG 2015 glimpses

SEMANTA sponsored the London DG 2015 conference last week and we'd like to share a few of our observations with you.


The DG community is alive and kicking

There are several international organisations, which unite DG professionals, offering quite a few events and opportunities for learning. It’s a pleasant change to find that there are others who are driven by a similar passion for data and deal with similar challenges to the ones we face everyday.


The DG market is maturing

Mega-vendors have always had products that are supposed to be able to tackle every enterprise problem one can think of ;) These high-level generic solutions work, up to a certain level. But they leave quite a large space for small boutique vendors with more specific products. There were up to 20 vendors presenting their solutions at the conference and it was a pleasure to see the DG market maturing.


New drivers

One theme resonated across several presentations - the EU Data Protection Directive. It’s a regulation that concerns personal data protection and it's been under preparation for years. It’s expected to be approved in early 2016 and will have a two-year implementation period. This will have a huge impact on any organisation that is processing personal data - de facto every enterprise (even a web cookie count!).