Semanta goes beyond BI and taps into ERPs

Semanta can now give access to metadata extracted from SAP, Siebel, Oracle eBusiness Suite, JDEdwards, Peoplesoft and SalesForce.


Semanta has strong roots in BI/DWH and up till now all of its metadata connectors extracted information from technologies used primarily by BI teams.



However, in reality BI covers just a small fragment of the data available in any organisation. The most significant amount is stored in primary systems, namely ERPs like SAP, Siebel, Oracle eBusiness Suite, JDEdwards, Peoplesoft and the new, trendy, cloud-based Salesforce. To take us a further step towards our goal of mapping all of an enterprise's data and making all definitions available from one search box, we have partnered with Silwood Ltd. It’s a UK company with a unique know-how and a unique set of connectors that can extract not just the physical data models, BUT also business entities like transactions. From our perspective this is a game changer which can boost the productivity of all data-related activities. Namely:


Operational reporting

No more fishing around for the right set of tables with cryptic names:

Select the business object you're interested in and get a list of tables directly from where it’s stored.


Upgrades / consolidations migrations

Upgrading your SAP to SAP HANA, centralising several instances into one, or switching to a new platform?:

The new connectors provide you with a complete list of all the existing customisations so there are no surprises and the data mapping stream is done in days instead of months.


Compliance / data audit

Demonstrate the origin and validity of source system extracts for regulatory purposes like SOX, Solvency II, Basel III, much more easily.


This great content comes in Semanta's easy to navigate and ultra-fast search package. Not only data architects, but literally anyone can use it and benefit from the information available. Business users can formulate their requirements more precisely. Analysts will spend less time writing specifications sufficiently detailed for developers and there's an overall lower risk of miscommunication between teams.

We are thrilled by this extension of the Semanta metadata connectors family and committed to placing more and more information at your fingertips.