Time to push the (DG) button

Semanta have introduced the Magical DG button and immediately positioned themselves as a leader in the brand new Gertner Magic Cube for Data Governance.


Gertner Magic Quadrant for Data Governance 2015


True Data Governance Dream Tool

After years of research, SEMANTA is excited to introduce to you, our customers' true data governance dream tool. We've undertaken surveys and studies and have compiled them together, added our enormous project experience and developed the DG magic app. By pressing a single button (let's call it the DG button), it will connect into your infrastructure and automatically create:

  • a complete inventory of all your company's data (and BIG DATA) by scanning all the available data sources and ETL engines including a full parsing of all ETL and transformation scripts. BIG DATA engines are obviously also included and documented automatically.
  • a complete inventory of all your company`s reports by scanning all of your reporting platforms, including all the possible locations of MS Excel and MS Powerpoint reports.
  • a ready-to-use Business Glossary by scanning and semantically analysing all your texts and identifying both your company's terms and acronyms and their true or most probable company`s definitions. It also identifies synonyms and potential homonyms for the automatic handling of conflicts.
  • a map of your company`s processes by scanning the information and data flow between your people and your systems.

All glossaries and catalogues are then automatically organised in a simple and meaningful way. Once the company logo and graphics style have been uploaded, it's ready to be used by all your company`s staff.

Furthermore, in order to create a complete picture of your company's data, it will automatically:

  • link all definitions to their data sources and to reports where those definitions are used
  • link all reports to their originating data
  • assign ownership and stewardship for each data element
  • create zoomable and searcheable low to high resolution data or information lineage maps similar to google maps (going from continents, down to countries, down to streets)

Obviously, from the moment the DG button is pressed, it automatically and continuously scans for changes in your systems, reflects those changes and keeps the whole inventory up-to-date at every single moment.

This tool requires no implementation or installation effort, it is available in the cloud. It is secured and protected, and compatible with any web browser from IE 6 to the present. It is also mobile ready, but for the best result there is mobile app (iOS only) available for free.

Save yourself huge sums of money and make your endless piles of presentations, paperwork and futile consulting a thing of the past with our affordable and unique Button.


Contact us for more information or order your DG button on-line NOW.