Mhe-he-ry Christmas


Give away a goat with us this Christmas! We'd like to invite you to collaborate with us on a small project that will have an immediate impact on someone's life this Christmas. Let's give "real presents".

A goat can help earn a living for a small family in some countries. If you would like to change someone's life and give them a goat, sheep or water pump, just follow us on Linkedin and we will put $10 for each new follower into our "buy a goat fund".

We want to make a difference with immediate tangible results. You can do this with us too. Imagine:

  • 1 follower - 20 chickens
  • 4 followers - a goat
  • 8 followers - a sewing machine

If you like this idea, share this message with your colleagues or give a real gift yourself at



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Your Semanta team

(we believe in sharing and collaboration)



(The donation will go up to our budget limit of $2000)