Data Governance book tips

The New Year is the right time for setting New Year's resolutions. Here's a list of great Data Governance and Data Quality books that could help you find inspiration about professional goals to set yourself in the year 2014.

Happy reading

Data Stewardship: An Actionable Guide to Effective Data Management and Data Governance  by David Plotkin

Data stewards in business and IT are the backbone of a successful data governance implementation because they do the work to ... Read more

Data Science for Business: What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking by Foster Provost

This broad, deep, but not-too-technical guide introduces you to the fundamental principles of data science and walks you ... Read more

The Data Asset: How Smart Companies Govern Their Data for Business Success by Tony Fisher

An indispensable guide that shows companies how to treat data as a strategic asset Organizations set their business strategy ... Read more

Making Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Work for Business: A Guide to Understanding Information as an Asset by John Ladley

Organizations of all types struggle with information. Millions of dollars are spent on ERP applications to integrate data and ... Read more

Managing Blind: A Data Quality and Data Governance Vade Mecum by Peter Benson

The literal translation of the Latin vade mecum is “go with me”, a small reference book that you carry with ... Read more