Everywhere you go, always take the Ency with you

Stuck trying to understand a report?

Are your intranet pages full of abbreviations or jargon?

How should a reader new to a subject find the meaning of unfamiliar terms?



Try our business glossary and AIR for web and make it clear to everyone. We believe a dictionary should be on hand at the exact time and place it's needed. Which is why we've developed AIR, a unique product that puts your Business Glossary one click away from the text you need explained. Now available for web browsers and MS Office.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.41.14.jpg


With a single click user can ask AIR to analyze the text and highlight all the terms which have been defined in Ency. Air then simply passes the content and definitions onto him. If he desires more detailed information, a second mouse click will take him straight to Ency itself.



AIR - information, just a few clicks away

save your time, clicks and money

unlock your business dictionary


Just for fun, small inspiration :)