The ERwin Connector is here

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new connector for Encyclopaedia - the ERwin connector. Check out the most striking features of the connector. 


We're pleased to announce the launch of a new connector for Encyclopaedia - the ERwin connector. The most striking features of the connector are:

  • The visual presentation of your ERwin data models in an easy-to-access format, directly inside Encyclopaedia without needing an ERwin Data Modeler present.

  • The ability to link data models (or tables, columns etc) with other Encyclopaedia objects (eg. terms in the Business Glossary, Report definitions, physical teradata tables etc.).


What does our ERwin connector offer?

The connector is a simple tool that enriches the content of Encyclopaedia with descriptions of selected databases in your company, by means of data models. Ideally, you should use it in conjunction with Encyclopaedia's Business Dictionary and Report Catalogue so descriptions of business terms and reports (or other outputs) can be connected with the description of the database objects that provide these outputs, and/or that embody the business rules being described.



The Model Overview page presents the model's basic metadata such as its description, a default diagram as well as navigation buttons to the model's objects.


Diagrams can be magnified with the "zoom in" or "zoom out" buttons and linked entities can be highlighted.


A short description of each table and view is provided on the model's Tables and Views List page.


Every entity or table's Detail page presents the entity's metadata such as its code, its data steward, its description, diagrams, as well as its list of columns and other data.



The relationships between entities are visualized in Encyclopaedia in an accessible graphical form that allows effortless navigation up and down their chains.


The advanced search function allows a search to be restricted to specific models that display only selected types of objects.


Once your data models have been loaded into Encyclopaedia they can very easily be connected with other Encyclopaedia objects e.g. business terms.



Architecture overview

The ERwin connector application needs to be installed on a computer running CA ERwin Data Modeler. It connects to the ERwin data models, retrieves the metadata of its objects and loads them into the Semanta Encyclopaedia. First the (meta)data is uploaded via the Ency data-mart. Once this is complete the data models can be accessed from any computer within the company, allowing them to be used in search, advanced search and object linking across your organisation.



Our ERwin connector supports the latest version of ERwin 9.5, providing your version of Encyclopaedia is up-to-date. If you have any questions or need more details do not hesitate to contact us.