Data Governance Workshops

Dear DG challengers and pioneers, do you think that data governance matters but still haven't found the answer to where to begin your DG journey? Give our workshop a try and get inspiration from our years of experience in this area.

We`ll present our biased view, we`ll be informal, we might even be incorrect and a bit controversial BUT we`ll try not to be boring and we will focus on the important stuff. I promise we'll be frank and we will show you how to get your DG initiative off the ground.

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I attended the Semanta's Data Governance Workshop and got impressed by its high quality. The presenters are genuine experts in the area and were able to keep the audience fully involved for the whole duration of their presentation. First they pointed to real problems of data governance nowadays, which stimulated discussion among all participants. Then they made an interesting linkage of the current data governance issues to the organization of ancient libraries long time ago, and proposed a simple but very clear and functional solution to the problem. I am convinced that if firms adopted the Semanta's way of data governance, the life of all employees (and especially of data scientists and business analysts) would be much easier, because people would then know exactly where to find the data they are looking for. 

---- Tibor Zavadil (Data Scientist, Zurich Insurance) ----