Keeping the documentation of an information system up-to-date manually, is a herculean task. At Semanta we've developed our metadata connectors to ease and help you with this work. Our connectors extract and load technical metadata from databases, CASE tools and BI platforms and present it in an easy-to-search format that makes accessing and browsing it easy for any user.

Understanding the problem

Databases and reporting platforms have their structure and logic defined for them and embedded inside themselves. A computer needs to know how and what to show to a user. However, business intelligence deployments systematically suffer from a lack of documentation concerning their content (the meanings of terms, the origins and reliability of data and reports).

Even when a project team has sufficient discipline to properly document all the outputs, the very moment the project goes live and the first hot fix is applied the documentation becomes out of sync.

Fixing the problem


Extracting tables and a simple report list can kick-start your documentation campaign and bring the first tangible results, literally within days. Our approach is to connect to existing BI systems, extract the technical metadata, publish it in an easy-to-read format and allow users to use their personal experience to add the business context and thus enrich and define it.

In our experience you can create an in-depth inventory of an existing data warehouse or data mart and up to 200 reports in 2-3 weeks. BI content documentation can be generated from a reporting platform and the underlying databases.




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