Put your business objects metadata a few clicks away for anyone in your company.

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Load Structures and Operational Metadata

Create a list of all your BO Reports automatically. Present it in an easily-readable form which includes basic structural metadata (title, id, location, description, sources) and connect the Reports with their underlying Universes. Keep them up-to-date with operational metadata (visit count, last update).



Enhance your Reports with business definitions. Connect them with business terms and data sources.



Make it easily ACCESSIBLE

Let everyone search for BO Reports' definitions, browse through their underlying Universes, discover relationships, and be informed about data quality statuses, easily and naturally.


Connect Up

a community around your Business Objects structures

Collaborate on, share and discuss data models, with the networking tools of the new century.


What does it look like?

(for example of Power Designer Connector)

Semanta is a place that points to, connects and organises all the information we use in a meaningful and sustainable way, unlocking its power and letting it flow and work for us.


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