Once Semanta has been set up and useful content like business definitions, data and report definitions loaded, you've completed a huge and important step to making your BI solution really work. So far so good.

People working in their favourite applications can easily find the term definitions and explanations they need by simply switching to Semanta and using its search engine or "asking". However, this switching to and from between apps is actually quite costly and time consuming.



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Key features

AIR is now working in two of the most popular software environments - internet browsers and Microsoft Office and comes in two versions, Air for Office and Air for Web. Their key features include:

  • Search Semanta: allows a direct search of Semanta from an Air window opened anywhere on an HTML, Word or Excel page.
  • Highlight known words: terms and expressions defined in your Business Dictionary can be highlighted on any HTML, Word or Excel page and explained.
  • Explain: search Semanta for a selected text, to find an explanation if it exists.
  • Browse: browse through Semanta pages in the Air window.


When context is needed


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