A DG Portal should be the place where people SEARCH for Information and the place where they ASK for it when they can't find it.


SEMANTA is the place

SEMANTA, the true Data Governance Portal


A single place where everybody can find



Business Glossary will take care of all your business definitions and their life-cycles, and make them accessible to everyone in your company.


Semanta's Report Catalogue will organise your reporting portfolio across all of your platforms so that it's easy to search and easy to understand.


Our Data Dictionary will load, organise and unlock information about your data structures from your modelling tools or databases and make it accessible to the rest of your company.


A single place where everybody can



Let people ask for new reports or data, change existing reports or data, or just request access to information, easily and simply.


Let people report issues easily, whether it's with a report, a data quality problem or any other information-related incident.


And finally let people ask a question or ask for help, simply.



Our Order book module will bring all of your BI demand to a single place and make submitting a request, user-friendly and easy.


A simple governance model

Data Governance does not need to be painful or futile if you start at the beginning! Our 1st step is to teach you to answer 3 fundamental questions: 



The 1st step on the road is to identify and to describe "WHAT"  information, reports, data, systems or applications you have.


Then you'll have to identify WHO owns this information and information sources. 


Once you know WHAT and WHO, it won't be a problem to answer WHERE the information is located.


Answer these question and you will have a basic yet functional portal that is much better than having nothing at all.

Our surveys say that 95% of all companies are struggling to find the answers to these very basic Data Governance questions (and are still trying to solve their governance problems with a pen and paper :)

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We designed Encyclopaedia to present the complex world of Business Intelligence in a simple and understandable way.


Get started in three easy steps

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